Code of conduct Hand Book for Students, Teachers and Management

Educational institutions are the early stage centres in the life of growing youngsters that shape and mould the personality of tomorrows citizens of a country. We citizens expect today’s every child to bloom blossom into a responsible and worthy citizens for the entities as a family neighbourhood, society and nation at large. For this, like every educational institute our institute also accepts this responsibility to share its resources to transform students to higher goals and destinations in terms of both tangible and intangible parameters. For this we have implemented guidelines towards code of conduct for students along with immediate stakeholders as staff and teachers , Principal, Governing body etc.

For Students:

• Students shall be punctual in attending all the academic sessions.
• They shall show due concern for fruitful time management.
• Shall show equality co-operation, initiation, integrity in routine manner.
• Shall behave with dignity with women, seniors, physically disabled persons, parents, teachers etc.
• Shall stay away from destructive habits as drug (addiction) tobacco, chewing , smoking, boozing etc.
• Shall distance themselves from casteism, ragging, unfair means in examinations.
• Shall show respect for all the religions, rituals, practices, celebrations.
• Shall abide by the disciplinary rules and regulations of the institute.
• Shall utilize and spend the resources of the institute in judicious manner.
• Shall take active part in constructive programmes, functions and organized events.
• Shall contribute in maintaining the premises neat and tidy.
• Shall avail concessions, scholarships, financial benefits in transparent way.

For Staff and Teachers:

• The staff and Teachers shall attend their duty for smooth functioning of the institution.
• They shall complete the scheduled and assigned works as per planned time-tables.
• Shall show utmost concern to attend and address students' problems on priority.
• Shall guide, motivate and keep engaged the students.
• Shall use new trends techniques and tools for better results.
• Shall participate with integrity to conduct exams in fair way.
• Shall take part in Assessment programmes for timely declaration of results.
• Shall take part in Seminars, Workshops, Debates, Symposiums, Paper presentation.
• To Assist higher authorities in achieving short term and long term goals of the institution.
• Shall help parents, guardians, aspirants through interaction sessions.
• Shall strive to utilize resources as water, power, books, stationeries in efficient way.
• Shall contribute in maintaining clean and green premises.
• Shall avail leave and Vacation without disturbing examinations, teaching, assessments.
• Shall organize programmes, functions, celebration at the institute level.
• To adopt disciplinary, preventive and corrective measures to keep the students on good tracks.
• Shall show simplicity, order, discipline, time- management in campus.
• Shall undertake schemes for R and D activities.
• Shall stay away from groupism, campus politics.
• Shall implement and control dress code, good attendance.
• Shall adopt students for integrated care and support.

For higher Authorities:

Every institution has its own administrative set-up and hierarchy for its day to day functioning and operational activities. Here lies the role of responsible management (trust) on one side and the principle as head of the institution on the other. They too have a certain responsibilities and duties towards the growth of students, staff and teachers and finally so the institute.

• Shall strive to create all the necessary infrastructure and facilities in the campus.
• Shall monitor the proper functioning regular conduction of academic session.
• Shall observe healthy attendance and results in the performance of students.
• Maintaining the campus free from ragging and habits.
• Creating conducive environment for women community.
• Ensuring safety and security of one and all in the premises.
• Shall arrange for timely payment of salaries and other benefits.
• Shall be responsible for overall image and growth of institute.
• Shall communicate and correspond with higher authorities and agencies .
• Shall take care of scholarship, Concessions and benefits in favour of economically weaker students.
• Shall promote and award the staff and teachers on regular basis.
• Shall strive to provide cost effective education with CSR initiative.